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“You have created an excellent organization. The Director of Nursing does a wonderful job of running the rehab unit. The entire staff is so friendly and works in unison, which you don’t see everywhere. It’s been a great experience and I have told all my friends if they need rehab to come to Orchard Creek.”

Helen Duke, Wife of a Resident, Oct 2015

“My stay at Orchard Creek Skilled Nursing could not have been a nicer experience. The staff there was exceptional. From the top management, to the nurses, all the therapists and all the people that helped me throughout the day with the everyday things. I can say enough good things about this place. I looked forward to the delicious meals that were served daily. Put all this together and it made my stay at Orchard Creek an enjoyable experience that I know also attributed to my fast recovery.”

Ed Hartley

“I wanted to just say thanks for everything you and the staff there at Orchard Creek did for our parents over the years. Everyone went above and beyond to make them comfortable in the sunset days of their lives. I couldn't have imagined a better scenario for the final chapter.”

“Over the last few years, I've had the occasion to visit family, friends, and relatives in a number of Assisted Living facilities here in Michigan and down in Florida. None of them compare to the high standard of Orchard Creek.”

Paul Binsfeld
Son of Connie and Jack Binsfeld

Through my position with The Parkinson's Association, I have called on patients at Orchard Creek many times. In December I came to Orchard Creek as a patient with a fractured hip. The health care personnel have been very kind and always helpful in many ways. Great Lakes therapy has worked with me daily to make it possible to walk again.

Thanks so much.

Maxine Meach

Nearly 4 years ago my mother asked us to move her to Orchard Creek Assisted Living. It became clear to her that after being at Orchard Creek Skilled Nursing she needed more help with her medications than I was able to give her.

When she moved to Orchard Creek, she was still very agile and mobile, but over the following four years she began to need more and more help. Having her at OC was a gift that she gave to me in her last years. I was able to visit and enjoy the mother-daughter relationship that we had for over 60 years without having to be in control of her medications, her socialization, and her mental and physical well being. You did all of that so very well.

When a failing parent chooses a place to spend their final days, weeks, months and even years, it is important to the family that the parent is happy, content and likes the surroundings and people. My mother always raved about the attentive care, the kind staff, the interesting activities and really loved living at Orchard Creek. Over the last 4 years, our family grew to love and appreciate many things about the Orchard Creek facilities. The staff is superb. The care that she received freed us from worry of neglect or mistreatment, and I grew to love and enjoy both the staff and the residents. Most of all I grew to appreciate the expertise of the staff in helping me to understand her health needs when I was at a total loss for what she needed next. You always listened to my frustrations and helped me to make wise choices especially when Hospice was needed. Even with Hospice engaged, you continued to give her the best care. Her final days were a drain on my husband and me, but you helped us through it every step of the way, going above and beyond what we ever expected.

I just want to thank you for doing a very hard job exceptionally well. You make the residents feel loved, cared about and bring quality of life to them right up to their very last days. This also makes the difficult job of watching a loved one fail, much easier for the responsible family members.

Thank you all for all that you do so very well,

Mary Kathleen Millross

Dear June and family at Orchard Creek Supportive Care, As you all know too well, life is short and we have a bad habit of not letting those around us know their value until it is too late.

You all have been such an amazing gift in my life – in so many lives. What you do is extraordinary. You and your residence are what it should be like and so seldom is. You use your gifts to give people a safe and loving place to live. You gift their families with peace of mind and knowledge that their loved one is protected and cared for. Bless you all. What you do is difficult and often thankless. Know that you are treasured and appreciated.

The gift of love and friendship that you gave my father will never be forgotten. He did love you – even on his cranky days he recognized your gentleness and humor. I adored my dad and could not have left him anywhere less wonderful than Orchard Creek. I'm not sure that I can ever come up with the proper words that will convey the depth of my gratitude for your caring spirits and the love that you give so generously. That you give that love knowing you will hurt when they are gone makes it even more remarkable. It was not only dad who benefitted - your support of us made a difficult time bearable. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers often.

I wish the world could know of the amazing hearts that work at Orchard Creek but know that you will live forever in the hearts of the families that you have helped.

Thank you all and bless you,

Barbara Fishbeck
Dr. Bill's daughter J

Dear Liz and Nicole, My heart is so thankful! I feel so blessed to have had my grandpa be taken care of by the wonderful and kind caregivers at Orchard Creek Assisted Living and also at Skilled Nursing after his surgery.

As you know, I looked at just about every facility in Traverse City and in Grand Rapids. I quickly found out that there were many nice places but nothing, not a single one, that was as impressive as yours! As much as I wanted to, I was unable to take care of my grandpa myself. That meant the place where he lived had to be the best! The work that your staff does on a daily basis is the work of God's hands and I know it's very challenging physically and emotionally. Please don't ever forget that.

Thank you for your support over the past few years. My kids and I have always felt like family when we walked through your doors.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Best wishes to all,
Jessica Gabriel Lincolnhol

As parents we remember the emotions we had when we took our children to school for the first time, when they were driving away for the first time after they got their drivers license, and when they left home and were married.  In each case, we were concerned for their safety and trusted that others would take as good care of them as we would.  

The same feelings and emotions are true when it is time to find a new home for your parents.  Planning for their care can be difficult and overwhelming at times.  We were concerned for their safety and wondered if others would take as good care of them as we would.  Orchard Creek Health Care System has earned our trust and has provided our family the right balance of physical and emotional care for our mother since 2003.  For the first three years, she lived in the Cedar Creek Independent Living Apartments.  This facility provided a good transition from leaving her home of fifty years to a facility that was designed for aging parents.  In 2006, Mom moved from the Cedar Creek Independent Living Apartments to the Orchard Creek Assisted Living Apartments.  The staff made the transition a very positive experience for our mother.   

We have complete trust in the Orchard Creek staff to make our mother’s health and safety a priority.  The daily activities have provided her with a sense of self respect, contentment, and community.  Our mother regards her apartment as her “home” and invites family members to come to Orchard Creek to join in the many planned activities.  As our mother continues to need additional services, we know that the Orchard Creek Health Care System is ready and able to provide the necessary support for both our mother and our family. Sincerely,

Douglas Lape & Family

Supportive Care at Orchard Creek has been the answer to our family’s prayers.  Our parent’s are the only married couple currently in residence.  It was perfect for their placement as my mother has Alzheimer’s and my father’s physical ailments didn’t allow him to care for her any longer.  He himself needed care.  Supportive care was the perfect fit and they could stay together in the same facility.

Supportive Care is a beautiful facility that meets all their needs.  But, the most beautiful aspect of Orchard Creeks Supportive Care as well as all levels of care at Orchard Creek (my parents have been through them all) is the staff.  Their unwavering compassion, love and most important, good humor amazes me every time I visit.  They know each resident so well and try so hard to make each person feel loved and heard.  The director June and her staff really understand the angst of the elderly and treat them with such compassion and respect.

Living four hours away from my parents, I rest very easy knowing how well cared for my parents are.  If there is an emergency or any issue I’m alerted immediately and I know it will be taken care of until I can get there.  There is no better place for my wonderful mom and dad.  Oh, and my finicky father loves the home cooked meals!

"When Mom no longer could stay in her home of 70 years, I was fortunate to discover Orchard Creek Supportive Care. Mom was always a nurturing, caring, compassionate person as a caregiver for others. I wanted the same for her. The staff at Orchard Creek was wonderful to Mom. She was in a comfortable, safe and loving environment. She soon became "Mom" and "Grandma" to many. I also felt like we had been adopted into a new family. As Mom's health declined the staff "went the extra mile" to make her comfortable and relieve my concerns. I am forever grateful for their professional care and the loving environment they provided."

Ken Yerrick, son of a resident

"I don't feel like I have expressed my complete gratitude to all of you. It is difficult for
me to actually put into words the profound comfort you afforded me. It was such a gut wrenching journey with mom those last six months, All of you gave me strength each day to keep moving forward. The only solice I had was knowing she was getting wonderful care at a wonderful facility."

Christie Lathers, Daughter of a Resident, Emily McFadden.

"I personally cannot thank you and all the staff at Orchard Creek Nursing Center enough for such wonderful care you gave to my mother, Lena Pickowitz in her three month stay there. I spent many days of the week there with mom and I can tell you that everyone there works hard in caring for the patients who come there to recover. The patients are never left waiting long for someone to answer their calls. I can tell you from observing all of them that they are all very compassionate to the patients on a consistent basis. Even the team of physical therapists made her intense work outs enjoyable. While in the dining room I noticed that no one was ever ignored and all were treated like family My mom was also very impressed with how good the meals were. She has commented many times how nice that there were always fresh table linens for every meal and custom made meals were never a problem. I have eaten there also and my compliments to the chef for such a good variety in meal planning. My mom was convinced that the wonderful nursing care, professional physical therapy and the great food were the reasons she recovered so well. She really misses her extended family there and plans to make regular visits this next summer when she is back up from her home in Florida."

Jeannie L. Miller, Daughter

"The Orchard Creek staff and facilities have provided for my parents needs with loving care and concern, professionally responding to their daily requirements, and taking a personal interest in their daily activities. The staff and local medical community have worked well together in meeting changing requirements."

John Jeffrey, Son of Allen and Hazel Jeffrey

“On one hand I am happy to be going home, but on the other, I have made so many friends it will be hard to leave. You have a wonderful group of staff on all shifts. They work hand in hand as a team and have made this living environment fun, friendly and entertaining. The therapy team did a magical job at getting me back on my feet. My stay at Orchard Creek could not have been any better. Thank you.”

Margaret Laine, Resident

Thank you Orchard Creek. I am fortunate to have been sent to Orchard Creek Skilled Nursing after my knee surgery. This place is like HOME. They welcome you with open arms and they treat you with open arms. There is a spirit among the personnel here that makes you feel like FAMILY. They are smiling, friendly, they care. One male caregiver, often breaks into a song or whistles, enjoying his work and faces break into smiles when they hear him. Recuperation here is easy.

In our rooms we were given privacy and instant response when we punched the "help request" button. A request for water, pain killer, change of clothing or just a moment to talk to a care taker. Someone instantly appeared. And the therapists accomodate doctor's directions with therapy to move patients to recovery. Morning and afternoon sessions with therapists who know exactly what the individual patient needs to work on. You appreciate how gently but firmly the therapists lead you into recovery. The therapists, pretty ladies all, are firm with a gentle sense of humor.

I was there for three weeks but I'm never really not there because I remember how wonderful these dedicated people were, and I'd like to thank every one personally.

Thank you, thank you and God bless you all.

C. Joseph Socha

When seeking a place for loved ones with care needs, there are many things to consider. As we searched for a place for our mom, my sister and I looked for someplace that would provide safety, comfort, well balanced meals and kind caregivers, the "clean, well-lighted place" written about by Ernest Hemingway.

We moved mom to Orchard Creek Assisted Living two years ago, and she still misses her ability to live buy her own groceries, bake her own cookies and do her own laundry. But, her place at Orchard Creek continues to provide many necessities we looked for in the beginning and it also gives her a pleasant view of the woods and creek and of the squirrels that grow fat on the suet they steal from her bird feeder.

Diana Schreer

I would like to let you know that our family and Mom felt very blessed to spend her final days within Orchard Creek's care. Because of such a loving, caring staff I can not single out any one person who went beyond our expectations, because we were blessed to have all of your staff so caring and gentle with her. It seemed to be a home away from home since she had gone through rehab last year there and had spent many hours with me while I was painting the murals. Please let everyone know that being at Orchard Creek was more like an extension of her home and family.

She loved her friends and apartment at Cedar Creek. Cedar Creek was all encompassing, as she had hoped, from living independently in her apartment to having Orchard Creek's skilled nursing facility just down the hill.

Sandy Berridge Watson, daughter

For Michelle, Donna and all of your staff,

Thank you so much for all you have done for me these past few weeks. I felt "broken" when I arrived, but like humpty dumpty you have all helped to put me back together again. For this I am very grateful.
Everyone has been so helpful and so willing to help in all circumstances. I will miss each and everyone of you.

Yvonne Johnson

Iris Oriel moved to Orchard Creek Supportive Care unit in Traverse City in February 2010 from Midland, MI at the age of 105. Any concerns that we had about her receiving good care in a new location were quickly dispelled by the hospitality my mother received immediately. The staff at Orchard Creek proved highly responsible and efficient, providing extra care for her special requirements and becoming good friends. Ms. June Harmsen, the AFC Administrator proved friendly, efficient and highly knowledgeable regarding meeting the many needs of dementia residents and their families. We were particularly impressed by the food quality and planned special activities provided, and the cooperation with Hospice of Michigan services when that time came. Thanks again for your love and the great service to Mom.

Pat Oriel

Dr. Douglas Lape and mother Eileen


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